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Production Coaching for DIY Metal Bands and Producers

Want advice, exclusive production content, and a community of metal loving RIFFLORDS?

Join 150+ members in the Metal Production Mastery FB Group TODAY 🚀

Got dreams of being a full time METAL musician with 10000s of die-hard fans?

WE GET IT... You're a full-on RIFFLORD 🤘

You've got phat chops and face-melting riffs... but something isn't working 😭

Feel like you've tried everything?

Don't jump out the window just yet - you're probably closer than you think!

We work exclusively with metal musicians to help them break through the crowd and be taken seriously (but not too seriously!)

Whether you're in a band, flying solo, or working with clients, discover how Exaudium can turn your dreams into reality below

Metal Horns

An Approach as Unique as You


10 Week Group
Coaching Masterclass

  • Learn to develop your own end-to-end production framework

  • 10 Week Training Program

  • Exclusive Discord Server

  • Lieftime access to slides, replays, and stems


Full Stack Coaching & Collaborative Production

  • Develop an End-To-End Production Framework

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Production Coaching

  • Continuous Support

  • Receive feedback on all stages

  • Access to exclusive community of MPM members

  • Accountability

  • Lifetime access


Mixing & Mastering 
(+ Tracking/Edit Support)

  • Professional Quality Mix

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Access to all stems and versions

  • Tracking Support and Feedback to get the best source audio

Build A Full Time Career With Your Music

Unlock your potential and FINALLY break out of being a local band. We can show you how to extract every last drop of potential from your music, attracting attention from fans and industry professionals

Progression of results

Play Bigger and Better Shows

STOP playing small local shows

START playing sold out club gigs and tours

Get More Streams

STOP getting <1000 streams on Spotify

START getting 10s of 1000s of streams on repeat

Build A Social Media Machine

STOP getting a few likes on your posts

START getting your real fans to do the work for you

Earn More Money

STOP getting paid nothing for your art

START selling merch, downloads, physicals, and memerships

Transform Your Dull Lifeless Mixes Into Punchy Aggressive Sensations

Follow a proven system for creating your own end-to-end metal production framework. Our clients create jaw-dropping results on autopilot, finish mixes faster and have more fun.

Find YOUR Unique Sound

  • Nail Your Ideal Sound... EVERY TIME

  • Carve a unique path through innovation

Punch + Clarity = Perfect Combo

  • Getting the perfect blend isn't a choice

  • Use our EQ framework to get depth, grit, and sizzle

Mindset + Planning + Execution

  • Ditch your fragmented process

  • Harness the power of a hollistic approach

  • Extract the best from every stage

Brain Wires

Collaborate with a Metal Production Specialist with 10+ Years Experience

Max Thackray at Exaudium

Hey! I'm Max, and I'm the founder of Exaudium.


I've made it my mission over the past 6 years to help metal bands and producers overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis, allowing them to reach new heights and fulfil their dreams of being in a successful band.

I've personally spent 10s of thousands of pounds on courses, trainings, and advertising - I've made every mistake in the book, so I decided to help musicians like you avoid these mistakes.

Whether you hand your project over to me or we work together, I'll help you bring your projects to life and create a rock-solid plan to get it noticed and adored by thousands of high quality fans that will be begging for more.

I'd love to hear about you and your project, so get in touch today to find out how I can help!

Chat soon x

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